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Google Fined in Street View Probe

"Google has been fined $25,000 (£15,700) after US authorities found the internet giant stalled an investigation into its Street View mapping feature.

The Federal Communications Commission said Google “deliberately impeded and delayed” the investigation for months.”

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Apr 9

How To Protect Your Privacy From Google

This is in continuation of my previous post where I talked about how Google’s Privacy Policy is hardly about privacy and why you need to take steps to protect your privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a step by step procedure to remove your Google Web History and disable it. I recommend you to go through it and delete your web history (Unless you are an internet-sage and won’t mind your entire search history one day popping-up in front of you while you’re sitting with your family or your lawyer or the Police). 

But it doesn’t end there. EFF also says - 

"Note that disabling Web History in your Google account will not prevent Google from gathering and storing this information and using it for internal purposes. It also does not change the fact that any information gathered and stored by Google could be sought by law enforcement.

With Web History enabled, Google will keep these records indefinitely; with it disabled, they will be partially anonymized after 18 months, and certain kinds of uses, including sending you customized search results, will be prevented.”

So, it’s like there’s nothing much you can do to save yourself from Google. Though there are some tips by EFF which you can follow to restrict Google (or any website for that matter) from storing your search data.